South Sea Pearl Earring

South Sea Pearls Earring #AE1 10+ Carat Pair Sterling Silver

Genuine Atlantean South Sea Pearls Earring pair. A beautiful south sea pearl stud earring pair with a silver white champagne colour. This beautiful pair weighs a total of 10+ carats.

#AE1 Atlantean South Sea Pearl earrings pair is so unique there are no two alike anywhere on earth! As such be sure to grab these south sea pearls earring pair before they are gone.

Base metal is sterling silver with G.P. Gold and are brand new and ready to buy. Atlantean in partnership with eBay provides you an option to buy almost anywhere around the world, so snap these up before they are gone.

#AE1 Atlantean South Sea Pearl earrings are now available to buy for £299 subject to availability. Click this link to get these South Sea Pearl earrings.






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