South Seas Pearls Wholesale Set #4 46+ Carats 10 Pearl Set

South Seas Pearls Wholesale Pearl set, get 10 loose south seas pearls totalling more than 46 carats in this South Seas Pearls wholesale set of 10 loose south seas pearls. Size and color matched, makes a great set to make some amazing jewellery.

This set, set 4 includes 10 button pearls that are undrilled.

Save time with this set of loose South Seas Pearls wholesale set. Beautiful colors and size to meet your needs in pearls for jewellery making. Why waste time selecting loose south seas pearls. This South Seas Pearls wholesale set has already been put together for you!

Remember that South Seas Pearls are real pearls and as they are real and genuine Australian loose South Seas Pearls, you will find that however best Atlantean has organized this set for color and size, you will find that each is unique in and of themselves, but overall, it is a good match of size and color to meet your jewellery making needs.

Brand new, this wholesale set includes 10 individual loose south seas pearls. This set has the set number 4.

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