Loose South Sea Pearl Button 4+ Carats Real Australian AAAAA Champagne #SS33

Loose South Sea Pearl button weighing 4+ carats in beautiful champagne colour. The #SS33 South Sea Pearl is regarded by us as an AAAAA pearl so is great in colour, appearance, hues, surface, and overall look of pearl.

As a South Sea Pearl, you know you are getting the best in pearls. South Sea Pearls are some of the most expensive pearls in the world. These South Sea Pearls come originally from Australia.

As a button shape pearl, it makes a great pearl to use in certain types of jewellery, art and other use cases. Earrings, buttons, rings, pearl pendants can all make use of this button pearl to increase luxury value, look stunning and great and make people want to buy.

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS33 has the dimensions of 9.7 mm width and 6 mm height.

This Loose South Sea Pearl is available through the World’s Shopping Network on eBay, click Loose South Sea Pearl #SS33 to buy before it is gone!





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