Loose South Sea Pearl

Loose South Sea Pearls

If you are looking to make jewellery or for investment purposes or just for the fun of it, loose south sea pearls are an amazing pearl option to go with when looking for loose pearls.

South Sea Pearls are considered one of the most expensive and they are so because of their limited supplies. Further they come all the way from Australia. Exhibiting amazing colour qualities from silver to the most adorable champagne and even gold options.

Loose South Sea Pearls allow you to select the pearls you want, and make the South Sea Pearls jewellery piece you want. All the way from colour, to size, to weight in carats, there is an option or a set of options with Loose South Sea Pearls to help you get all the pearl pieces you need to make a jewellery piece.

Atlantean South Sea Pearls are a great way to go with getting loose south sea pearls. There are a lot of options to go with, so you can select exactly what you want, and as a recent buyer found out, sometimes you can find a preset set where the Atlantean brand really shine in wholesale South Sea Pearl sales.

With a preset set, Loose South Sea Pearls from Atlantean are sourced making sure they are genuine Australian South Sea Pearls, sorted, rigorously colour matched, and size matched (keeping in mind South Sea Pearls are all unique, and no two are really ever alike), and so you get Loose South Sea Pearls you can use in your pieces, get them certified if you want to and enjoy the immense value you can get with partnering with Atlantean for Loose South Sea Pearls.

Atlantean scours through 1,000+ South Sea Pearls to bring individual winners in loose south sea pearls as well as pre-sorted sets that enable you to simply select the set and make the jewellery pieces with South Sea Pearls that you want!

For example, the pair of Loose South Sea Pearls set includes two genuine Loose South Sea Pearls that are size matched and colour matched, so you can go right ahead and include in the jewellery pieces that you want!

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS34 6+ Carats

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS33 4+ Carats

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS32 5+ Carats

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS31 5+ Carats

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS30 5+ Carats

Loose South Sea Pearl #SS29 5+ Carats

Loose South Sea Pearl Set of 10 Pearls 46+ Carats