South Sea Pearl Earring

South Sea Pearls are some of the most beautiful and amazing pearls in all the world. South Sea Pearls are considered the Rolls Royce of pearls in the world, and this is one of the greatest reasons to buy South Sea Pearl earrings.

As South Sea Pearls are the Rolls Royce of pearls, featuring some of the most amazing colours such as the highly prized champagne colour which has a cream colour, slightly pink, with hues of pinks and purples that reminds us of that champagne.

South Sea Pearls may work out one of the most expensive of pearl types in the world, but it comes at this price for good reason, a simply amazing pearl!

At South Seas Pearls World, you gain access to Atlantean South Sea Pearls which are sourced from Australia where South Sea Pearls come from. We make sure we bring you only the best with Atlantean South Sea Pearls.

And the good news is that Atlantean South Seas Pearls are totally natural cultured pearls, so you are getting the real deal.

Where is the best place to buy South Seas Pearls?

Here at South Seas Pearls World, we bring you two great options.

  1. The Lord Kozan collection. The Lord Kozan collection features stunning and unique creations, taking South Seas Pearls and gemstones such as Emerald to the next level. Check out the Lord Kozan collection South Seas Pearls earrings by clicking this link > Lord Kozan Collection South Seas Pearl Earrings
  2. Another option is the Atlantean South Seas Pearls earrings. These are the standard option for South Seas Pearls earrings.

Features of Atlantean South Seas Pearl Earrings:

Lower cost, without certification, a lot of money can be saved. There is nothing stopping you from getting your earrings certified but remember the costs can be high.

Sterling Silver base metal. G.P. Gold sterling silver south sea pearls earrings bring you a cost effective method of South Seas Pearl ownership without the high expense. You can always take to a jeweller to provide you with the base earrings you want with the pearls you have. You may also be interested in loose south seas pearls for this purpose, but we recommend to leave the jewellery makers unless you feel adventurous and take the pearls to be added to a fitting that you like.

South Sea Pearl Earring Designer Lord Kozan With Emerald 10+ Carats

South Sea Pearl Earring #AE1

South Sea Pearl Earring #AE2

South Sea Pearl Earring #AE3

South Sea Pearl Earring #AE4

South Sea Pearl Earring #AE5